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Carol Pool

Carol Pool

(also known as Sherri Trifle)


The Poem Lady

and has been dubbed

the West Country’s answer to Pam Ayres !


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For your fun and amusement here are a few poems.  These include two about the Women’s Institute.  Please note, the second one (about the wine) is completely fictional and is the result of an over active imagination in response to a comment made by one member about another member’s very potent home-made wine…

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Says Carol: "I hope you get at much pleasure reading these poems as I had writing them.  Naturally, as the author I hold the copyright but I would be delighted if you felt them good enough to share with family and friends.  All I ask is that you keep my name and website information on each one and if you wish to use or reproduce any of them in any way, shape or form, please ask for permission and terms first".

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Carol is an artist who paints pictures with words. Her work has been said to:

Amuse, Inspire, Enlighten, Inform, Celebrate or Console

"they’ll make you laugh, make you cry, sometimes make you wonder why.."


Many of her verses are about the absurdities of life and are written with a strong sense of humour. Her funny poems have been described as ‘absolutely brilliant’ and several have been read on the local radio and featured in the local press.  Other poems have been circulating the internet for years, and her funeral poems have been used in services and memorials across the world.  Carol has performed her comic poetry at various venues around the West Country, particularly Bristol, Glastonbury, Somerset and Dorset.


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Glastonbury Tor dragon