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For your fun and amusement here are a few poems.  These include two about the Women’s Institute.  Please note, the second one (about the wine) is completely fictional and is the result of an over active imagination in response to a comment made by one member about another member’s very potent home-made wine…


The W.I. are a group of ‘girls’
Who vary in their ages
Between them they have many skills
And some are wise old sages!
If you could catch their knowledge
And put it in a book
And add in all the recipes
That they all like to cook
Mix it with their wisdom
And a bit of humour too
You’d get a flavour of the W.I.
And what it could do for you!
It’s more than cooking and sewing
There are talks and games and crafts
And it all gets done and dusted
With an awful lot of laughs
So seek out your local W.I.
And go along to a meeting
You’ll find it very interesting
And you’ll get a lovely greeting
And just in case you’re worried
About nude calendars and stuff
Rest assured they’ve no intention
Of posing in the buff!
It’s not that they are all too shy
About the ‘altogether’
I think the real reason might just be
The chilly English weather!!!

© Carol Pool (aka Sherri Trifle) November 2009


The W.I. Christmas Dinner Do (!)

The wine made at home by a member
Was a very potent brew
And had quite an effect on guests
Normally sober, upright and true

They all thought they were sipping
A nice little blackcurrant wine
And that after a glass or two
They’d still be feeling fine

The wine was flowing freely
Around the dinner table
And it didn’t take very long before 
The guests became less ‘able’

Some people’s words started getting slurred
And they began behaving rather badly
Some started flinging food around
And laughing rather madly

But some hardly seemed to notice
As they finished off the dregs
Until they tried to stand, and found
It had gone straight down to their legs!

One by one they toppled
Like skittles in an alley
And one stood on the table
And did a little ballet!

Now the W.I. wine maker
It really must be said
Knew the potency of the brew
And drank only water instead

Craftily she watched them
Falling on the floor
And with a camera in her hand
Totted up the score

Now blackmail is a nasty word
And not one she liked to use
But the proceeds kept her nicely
In clothes and bags and shoes

So if she invites you to dinner
And offers her home made brew
There’s only one thing you ought to say
And that is: “NO THANK YOU!!”

© Carol Pool (aka Sherri Trifle) December 2009

Please note - This is of course completely untrue and merely the workings of a fertile and overactive imagination!  It was, however, inspired by a comment made by the lady sitting next to me at the W I Christmas Dinner (to which I had been invited as a guest and had the pleasure of performing some of my comic poetry, including this one which I wrote as I ate) – and the comment?  She spoke of the wine made by a member which was so potent “one drop could blow your socks off and have you falling on the floor…!”