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Says Carol: "I hope you get at much pleasure reading these poems as I had writing them.  Naturally, as the author I hold the copyright but I would be delighted if you felt them good enough to share with family and friends.  All I ask is that you keep my name and website information on each one and if you wish to use or reproduce any of them in any way, shape or form, please ask for permission and terms first".

“I write about anything and everything and it has been hard trying to choose which poems fit into which categories.  Inevitably there are overlaps, sometimes two or three.  For example, some poems under the Animal category might be funny and therefore also come into the Funny section, some might be about saving wild animals (Nature and Environment) others may offer comfort to people grieving a deceased pet, (Grief, Loss and Funerals)".


Some of the categories are:

Funny Thoughtful Animals Nature & Environment
Grief Loss & Funerals Ceremonies Love & Romance
Angels & Fairies Spirituality Reincarnation
Health & Wellness Body & Beauty Self-Improvement